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Our Services

  • Fencing

    William can supply and erect all manner of fencing- a quick, popular and cost effective method for horses is semi-permanent electric fencing with wooden stakes.  Post and rail fencing is solid, attractive, safe for horses and long lasting.  Pictures of both can be seen in the gallery.

  • Harrowing

    To pull out dead grass, aerate the sward, spread droppings and other loose surface material as well as helping to break up uneven ground.  Pastures are best left rested for several weeks after harrowing.

    For very compacted ground, aeration should be considered by either slitting or spiking the ground- this can be arranged but will incur extra hire costs.

  • Rolling

    Rolling should take place in spring or after the end of August.  Rolling helps to level poached and uneven ground and encourages grass to tiller (produce new shoots from the base of the plant).

  • Spraying

    Both spot spraying and field spraying can be completed with a knapsack sprayer or a tractor mounted sprayer to eliminate weeds such as buttercup, dock or nettle. 

  • Topping

    Regular topping will leave your paddocks looking smart with a sward of grass at the correct height for horses to graze.  Topping can form part of a weed control process by cutting before weeds flower.  Regular cutting will also prevent the formation of rough areas and help to spread droppings.

  • Tree surgery

    Fallen limbs on fences look unsightly and provide an escape route for livestock.  William Pope can quickly chop the limb into logs for your woodshed and re-instate the field boundary again.

    More advanced and delicate tree surgery can also be completed including winching branches away from delicate areas (ie power lines, roofs, ornamental gardens).